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Transonics PLC | Electronic Components Distributor

Transonics PLC are an electronic components distributor head-quartered in London, United Kingdom, with branches in Milan & Hong Kong.

What We Do:

We are an electronic components distributor with our own UK device programming centre

We supply electronic components Direct From The Manufacturers With:

  • Full Batch Traceability
  • Certificate of conformance

Why are we different?

We have a major advantage over our competition - We don't sign up to any UK Pricing rules, meaning you can receive a price more in-line with what your global competitors are paying.  Our International companies provide the most efficient and effective distribution supply route for customers.

For over 30 years, we’ve supplied a complete range of franchise electronic products direct from the manufacturer, via our subsidiary OEM & Distributor in Asia.

Founded by the current Managing Director’s Grandfather in the early 1950’s, Transonics has grown from strength to strength.  In 2006 Transonics became a PLC, further strengthening our position as a leading provider of domestic and international electronic component solutions.

Today, we offer a complete range of reliable, intelligent and timely solutions for electronics manufacturers, from electronic components supply to microcontroller & microprocessor programming.

Our highly motivated workforce deliver everything from off-the-shelf ‘immediate availability commodity’ standard components through to bespoke products.

We supply all popular brands of microcontrollers , PCB's , Relays, and more...

Wealso hold 100M components in stock at our UK based distribution hub* across 13,000 product lines.

Transonics PLC uses the advantage of it’s fully owned International companies provide the most efficient & cost-effective effective distribution of electronic components for it’s customers.


* JEDEC J-STD-033A JEDEC JESD625-A ISO9001 (2008) EIA-481-D IEC61340-5-1 EIA-556-B