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January 2015

Microchip ‘axe’ two UK franchises!

Here we go again…. Another two axed and now customers are left with fewer than ever purchasing choices for their Microchip requirements.

More customers are turning to Transonics for very good reasons.

The facts:-

  • Buying Power - we’ve got it!

    Transonics Plc shipped over 10 million Microcontrollers in 2014.

  • Value Added – we bought Lewmax Programming!

    Lewmax, specialists in programing, laser marking, tape/ reeling and since acquired in 2006, we’ve invested in over £1m on additional plant and machinery. www.lewmax.co.uk

Additional services:-

  • Buffer stocks
  • Schedule orders
  • Full batch traceability
  • Independently audited quality certification and approvals
  • £500k of Microcontroller Inventory in our UK warehouse.

Isn’t it time you joined the hundreds of customers benefiting from Transonics?

For an introductory chat on how we can assist call our direct Microchip hotline on 01442 284706 or email us at microchip@transonics.com