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FUZETEC TM are a world leading Taiwanese designer and manufacturer of resettable fuses.  FUZETEC TM offers a wide variety of Polymeric PTC resettable fuses with the most advanced Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) conductive polymer technologies. Resettable fuses are commonly used in Industrial Controls, Power Supplies, Consumer Electronics and Primary & Secondary Batteries. FUZETECTM hold many parts in stock and also maintain a ‘die bank’ which allows them to offer short lead times along with competitive prices. Many direct equivalents to industry standard products are available along with custom designed products upon request.
FUZETECTM products: PPTC resettable fuses, PTC Thermistors, PTC variable resistors, variable resistance PTC Thermistors, Variable Resistors, Current Limiters.
Click the link if you have you ever thought...  How do PPTC resettable fuses work?
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We offer one of the largest ranges of resettable fuses in the UK.  
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Company Approval: ISO/TS 16949:2002, ISO 14001:2004.

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