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Diemen Efiter design and manufacture high quality encapsulated transformers for mains applications. With facilities in both Spain and China, Diemen Efiter are able to offer the ‘best of both worlds’ in terms of short lead times for samples and small production runs along with very competitive pricing for production quantities. Diemen Efiter’s encapsulated transformers are manufactured with self extinguishing class F resin and can be used in class II safety applications. Diemen Efiter are truly experts in this field with many years experience of producing encapsulated transformers for consumer (TV) and industrial applications. Custom designs are available upon request with user defined voltage and power ratings.
Not the Toroidal Transoformer you wanted?
We offer one of the largest ranges of Toridial Transformers in the UK.


Diemen Efiter Products: Encapsulated Transformers and Switch Mode Power Supply



Company Approval: ISO9001/2000
Product Approvals:      Open Frame SMPS Catalogue  

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