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Frontier Electronics are a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of wound components. Frontier offer an extensive range wound products including ferrite base switching transformers, choke coils, chip inductors and power inductors. In addition to standard products, Frontier offer a custom wounds design service based on customer’s specifications, Frontier manufacture products using locally sourced components in Asia from long standing high quality suppliers. UL File numbers supplied for all components used. Frontier assemble the transformers at their own factories and then supply the finished samples to the customer for evaluation. Because of the local supply of components and the in house manufacturing, Frontier offer short lead times competitive prices. Flexibility is the key driver for Frontier, so whatever your wound component requirements, contact Transonics and ask for high quality wound components from Frontier Electronics!
Frontier Electronics products:
Choke Coils Switching Transformers Power Inductors
Company approvals: ISO9000 (2000), ISO14001, TS16949
Product Approvals: Components used are supplied with UL File Numbers