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Trxcom Electronics Co., Ltd, are a specialized manufacturer of magnetic telecom and networking components. The Trxcom product range includes RJ45 and USB connectors (with and without magnetics), Ethernet transformers, ADSL transformers and magnetics modules. Established in 1997 and based in China, TRXCOM employ around 500 staff and have a production capacity of more than 3 Million pieces per month which helps to ensure short times and competitive pricing. Many direct equivalents to industry standard parts are available as well as custom designed parts upon request. TRXCOM products are typically used in equipment such as audio mixing desks, building access control, security and communication equipment. For industrial applications Trxcom offer long product lifetimes (5-10 years).  


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Trxcom Products:
  • 10/100/1000M LAN pulse transformer and filter
  • RJ45 connector with 10/100/1000M magnetic
  • T1/E1,T3/DS3/E3/STS-1 interface line transformer
  • ISDN,HDSL,ADSL and VDSL interface line transformer and splitter
Company Approval: ISO9001:2000
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