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  • Dedicated Buffer Stock, Consignment, Kanban & Order Schedules
  • Full Device Batch Traceability
  • Certificate Of Conformity With Every Delivery
  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • Multi-Currency Transactions

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Total Electronic Components Supply

Transonics PLC offer a complete range of services for your electronic component and device programming needs.

Shipping in excess of 100 million semiconductors per annum our huge buying power gives our customers cost savings for the same brand manufacturers' products you'd purchase elsewhere... but for less!

We also offer device programming services though our own programming house: Lewmax Programming.

Why not ask us to quote for your next Microcontroller requirement, Device Programming, Laser Marking, Tape and Reeling?

Examples types

Picxx, UPDxx, STM8xx
DSPicxx. ATMEGAxx, Z86xx